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Updated: 06.02.2023

Feel yourself as a killer😎 with the Hitman slot machine

Features HitmanWant to get a thrill of risk and increase the level of the fear hormone (better known as adrenaline)? Choose a slot machine Pin Ap for money called Hitman and enjoy recreation and a pleasant pastime. Manufacturers give their users the opportunity to plunge into a world of brutality and danger. In the center of the plot is the hero of the movie of the same name. He works as a professional assassin, and his actions are ruthless and cold-blooded.

Based on the theme of the game, in the design of the emulator Hitman naturally dominated shades of dark and red colors. It attracts a large number of players due to the emotional intensity, high-quality graphics, modern and very user-friendly interface, detailed animation of the game elements, various symbols, which fully fits the stylistics of the slot, the atmospheric music and great chance to get decent payouts.

On the gaming screen of the machine Hitman there are pictures of packs of money, different types of weapons (for example, knife, pistol, rifle, syringe filled with deadly poison) and pictures of rope and of course the main character. There are also the classic icons of the scatter (also found another name - the symbol of the spread and the wild (ie, the wild character). Scatter is the number eighteen (because this number is the identifier of the killer) and wild is Hitman himself, holding two guns.

Features of the gaming machine Hitman and payout ratio

Consider in detail the technical parameters of the gaming machine Hitman:

  • Five reels;
  • Fifteen active paylines;
  • Forty game levels;
  • The minimum amount that can bet - $ 0.01, and the maximum - $ 5 (as you can see, this feature makes the slot available to all comers);
  • The maximum possible winnings are equal to forty bets;
  • The percentage RTP is 95.84% (it should be noted that this is not a very positive figure, as it means that you often do not expect to win);

A valuable recommendation from experienced Pin Up Gaming Club gamblers: before starting to play Hitman, you should study the basic rules and payout tables, which are always available on the developer's official websites;